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"The whole process was absolutely painless."

"Very knowledgeable, reliable, and fast!"

"Easy, fast and painless - once again!"

"Easiest process ever! They are the best!!"

“Great follow-up and amazing loan”

Bryan is a rockstar! He handles every detail and is super responsive. His knowledge and experience allows him to roll with changes smoothly. Having someone like Bryan in your corner when you're buying a house gives peace and confidence to the whole ... Read More

Sean K

Apr 27, 2023

Great mortgage company with very helpful and trustworthy staff. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Joe S

Apr 11, 2023

Mr. Schmidt was such an amazing person to work with. He helped me understand things about my credit scores that I never have known. He was very professional, patient and kind. Now that he put me in the right direction I am on the road of purchasing my first home in the near ... Read More

yolanda h

Apr 05, 2023

This is the third time I work with Bryan. The reason I will recommend him is because he is very experienced in finding the best financing option. It is so easy to submit the paperwork and get updates on the app. Highly recommend if you are looking for a trusted ... Read More

Claudia P

Apr 04, 2023

Bryan makes it clear on what needs to be done for you to get that house. If you do your part things will go as he says. Experience for me was 10/10 honest and helpful man 👍🏽

David M

Feb 26, 2023

Bryan made the process simple, he tells you exactly what needs to be done. If you do what’s needed you’ll get great results. I rate his service as excellent, and honest. Thanks Bro.

David M

Feb 26, 2023

I spoke with Mr. Schmidt regardinig the possibility of purchasing a house. He showed a sliding of information which allowed me to understand the process in what it takes to buy a home. As this is my first time inquiring to purchase Mr. Schmidt showed the beginning to the end in order to succeed in obtaining a home, which I was quite impressed and if you listen to him and gather all the documents together that's required, you too can be a owner as I am now. Thank you, Bryant Schmidt and the staff of CrossCountry ... Read More

Debra G

Aug 14, 2022

Bryan and his team were excellent very helpful They make you feel very important Bryan was also excellent in explaining how everything works gives you a better idea of everything your gana go true the process off getting a home thanks to you and your ... Read More

jesus o

May 10, 2022

Bryan and his team did a great job of explaining all of our options to purchase a home. We certainly know more! Smooth process for submitting the documents needed and constant communication.


May 08, 2022

Exelent ... He explained in a way we could understand and point us in the right direction. Very professional.

Tony G

Apr 08, 2022

Bryan is phenomenal at what he does. He gave me a lot of hope and helped me come up with a game plan. He’s very honest and transparent which I appreciate tremendously. So thankful I was recommended to him! If you need to prepare yourself for homeownership, need assistance getting your credit repaired that’s LEGITIMATE, or you are in need of a good mortgage team personally or for clients- Bryan is 100000% the guy you need to call ... Read More

Daneshia D

Mar 17, 2022

I purchased my home back in 2019 with Bryan and the process was super smooth! I was so happy with my purchase and service that now my little sister is working with Bryan Schmidt at CrossCountry Mortgage Team as well. She is really impressed with the amount of worthy information that is provided to get started with the home buying process! We are super ... Read More

Dali M

Feb 15, 2022

I am at the first steps of the home buying process. The meeting with Bryan was very professional and informative. We all know buying a home can be stressful but i was made to feel comfortable and the process was explained in full and clear detailed. I was comfortable in asking questions, which made this a pleasant experience. I look forward finding a home and completing the process. I highly recommending this company and ... Read More

Katherine C

Feb 10, 2022

Bryan takes the time to go over every detail and ensure you are on track for the best outcome possible.

Kerry B

Jan 18, 2022

Bryan and his team are very quick and easy to work with. For a first time buyer, Bryan made all the steps very clear and concise!


Jan 17, 2022

I would like to say Thank You all very much for all of the help that was given for me to get a closing. I have been through a lot on trying to remove my parents off of the house and put into my husband and I name. I had a great experience with the team . I was a pain but the handled me very well . Lol . Will send people to this team . Again thank you so much for everything. Patricia ... Read More

Patti A

Dec 27, 2021

Answer allow my questions. Whole team is wonderful

Sara T

Oct 19, 2021

The Discovery meeting was very educational and quite informative. I left Mr. Schmidt's office highly motivated and ready get things in motion. Thank you.

Darryl G

Aug 11, 2021